Face to Face with UAL

When the big day arrives for your face to face interview in Brazil, having previously attended one of the Postgraduate workshops will help you enormously. You will have acquired an insight into the kind of questions the academic coordinator is likely to ask you. You should make sure that you have studied thoroughly the details about the course on the UAL website so that you are knowledgeable about the program you are applying to and show an understanding of the course and the kind of study activities you will be engaged in.

Beatriz Mickle attended the most recent Central Saint Martins postgraduate workshop in Sao Paulo before her interview with Val Palmer from CSM at the end of February this year.

Beatriz Mickle 2

Beatriz has applied successfully to the MA Narrative Environments program at CSM. She graduated from USP in Architecture. During her interview she expressed with great clarity her interest in studying on the program and supported this through the presentation of her portfolio.

We look forward to further success stories like this during the next interviews which will take place in Sao Paulo from 24th to 25th April and Rio on 28th. The postgraduation workshops will take place  in Sao Paulo on April 23rd and Rio on 29th. Further details can be found on our website www.languagepartners.co.uk

UAL Postgraduation workshops

In order to help students better prepare for postgraduate study at UAL, students who have identified their chosen course of study are invited to attend a workshop which is offered three times a year at the same time as the interviews for the full time courses at the university. The workshop helps students to prepare their application before they present this at interview.

A lot of the MA programs at UAL will expect students to have considered what area of research they would like to pursue as part of their studies. As well as wanting to know the specific area of research a student wishes to investigate they will also be expected to explain how they wish to conduct this research, what methods they intend to use etc

Aspects of a PG application such as these will be discussed at the workshops together with guidance on what should be included in a student’s portfolio together with an insight into the kind of work and projects students can expect to be engaged in while studying at UAL.

Preparing to study for a postgraduation at University of the Arts London

UAL offers students great opportunities to study at postgraduation level.Interviews are held in Brazil three times a year for students who wish to study at the university. All students need to prepare their applications carefully in order to be accepted on their chosen course of study. It helps significantly if students attend a seminar or workshop before applying to find out more about the requirements especially at post graduate level.

At the end of 2014, students interested in applying at postgraduate level to Central Saint Martins had the opportunity to attend a workshop in Sao Paulo and  Rio.

The Sao Paulo workshop was attended by the Brazilian CSM alumnae Paulo Goldstein. Paulo studied on the MA Industrial Design course at Central Saint Martins and has since become well known for his innovative design ideas. For further details of Paulo visit http://www.arts.ac.uk/csm/people/csm-alumni/ma-industrial-design/

Paulo gave a talk about his work and the design concepts involved.


Also present at the workshop was Lucas Machado, who graduated from the Post Graduate Diploma in Design Visual Communication from London College of Communication:

Lucas also showed the work he had developed during his time studying in London and explains his projects to Deborah Cook from Central Saint Martins.

It is great to have alumnae present at our workshops who are interested in sharing their experiences of studying and living in the UK with prospective students.