Welcome to our Creativex blog

Many of our students are attracted to study in the UK by its undisputed Global reputation for creativity and innovation.
The main idea behind our CreativeX blog is to help students prepare to study in the creative areas increasing their opportunities for engagement with  other students and professionals from the creative areas.

Language Partners has specialised in preparing Brazilian students to study at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels in the UK for a number of years while CreativeX is focussed on supporting those students who specifically want to study and work in the creative areas.

Through workshops and seminars, our aim is  to bring you into contact with other students who are looking to widen their creative horizons together with Designers and Artists who may already have returned to Brazil following their studies in the UK.

We also want to hear from  students about their experiences of studying and working in the creative sector and will be inviting them to take part in our blog.

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